How does one define “Creative Flow”?

Creativeflow, is blending a vision and an image with a unique outcome, derived from fabricating with one’s own hands.  The creative juices begin to flow as each step evolves.

A vision transforms to the image in the planning stage

That mental photo emerges into procedural steps

Those steps lead the way to techniques and supplies

As the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit, your project emerges…

A unique creation is fabricated and ready to be adorned

Pictured below you will find a few CAD photos along with a unique custom order!

Our repairs are performed on brass, copper, costume or vintage jewelry via cold connecting. We are also trained in repairs of fine silver, sterling silver, gold and platinum.

We are proud to provide the following services:

  • Custom jewelry design and fabrication – Transform your idea into one of kind wearable art!
  • Ring sizing for men and women
  • Stone setting on various types of jewelry
  • Gemstone matching and polishing
  • Watch battery replacement and unique watch band fabrication
  • Wax carving and lost wax casting
  • Lapidary
  • Engraving for promotional purposes, a remembrance or just because…


  • 100 % guarantee for an exact replica of that missing jewelry item