Northdale Golf Club has the Creativeflow!

Northdale Golf Club has the Creativeflow!
Northdale Golf and Tennis Club
4417 Northdale Blvd, Tampa 33624

Jewelry making classes 6-8 pm starting January 8th
If you’d like to be a jewelry maker or advance your skills
Debra Joy is ready to assist you!

Blue lapis pendant

The “Blue lapis pendant” is an example for the 1/8 class.
Copper wire and stones are provided. Silver/gems can be bought at class.

Design planning, tool overview and learn to create a brace
Wire gauges, tempers, annealing and straightening.
Introduction to Lapidary.

January is wire artistry month. We will create earrings and two class sessions will be used to finish a bracelet.

One 2 hour class is $25. Certain classes will have a kit fee. Two classes are $45.00. Pay by the month and get reduced kit fees and a monthly tool or stone based gift. Four 2 hour classes are $85.00. Please note there are no refunds. Each series expires in 6 weeks from the purchase date.

Visit to pre-register
You can also pay by calling Debra Joy Peisner (813)727-1848.
E mail Debra Joy for inquiries re jewelry repair and class details  at

Jewelry classes

Jewelry making can become an obsession!

Do you find yourself staying up late at night beading?

Do you have difficulty knowing when to stop doing crafts?

Are you tired of beading and crafts and are ready to move to the next level?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are ready for jewelry fabrication classes.

Send an email inquiry to to find out your starting point!

Wonderful testimonial

Do you have a rock from a memorable vacation that you need shaped, polished and  set in a unique gold or sterling setting? Check out this commissioned piece of iron ore pictured below. A local prominent South Tampa Attorney found this on travel. The iron ore was dark and lacked luster. She was very happy seeing the wonderful multiple colors that evolved during the diamond polishing process. A fine silver broom casted frame was contoured to accent, the now colorful iron ore cabochon, which carries great memories from a special customers vacation! What a wonderful keepsake!

Pete’s Tampa Coral dilemma had a shinning turn around!

The stone cutter that cut Pete’s Tampa Coral in half, left it badly pitted, scratched and dull looking. After six different stone cutters were asked for help with this project, they all declined and no one was able to make the Tampa Coral look more appealing.

Pete met Deb Peisner at a local art festival. She was highly recommended by Wally’s Rock Shop. After working diligently on Pete’s  Tampa Coral, the pits and scratches were removed, the surface was smoothed out and a brilliant, long lasting Diamond Polishing enhanced the corals exterior.

A friendship evolved plus Linda and Pete have hired Debra to fabricate many Carribean Larimar jewelry projects since then. Repeat business is what makes small businesses thrive. Check out the long lasting brilliance of Pete’s Tampa Coral below.