Pete’s Tampa Coral dilemma had a shinning turn around!

The stone cutter that cut Pete’s Tampa Coral in half, left it badly pitted, scratched and dull looking. After six different stone cutters were asked for help with this project, they all declined and no one was able to make the Tampa Coral look more appealing.

Pete met Deb Peisner at a local art festival. She was highly recommended by Wally’s Rock Shop. After working diligently on Pete’s  Tampa Coral, the pits and scratches were removed, the surface was smoothed out and a brilliant, long lasting Diamond Polishing enhanced the corals exterior.

A friendship evolved plus Linda and Pete have hired Debra to fabricate many Carribean Larimar jewelry projects since then. Repeat business is what makes small businesses thrive. Check out the long lasting brilliance of Pete’s Tampa Coral below.